The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

Created by Sylvia M Everitt MBE


Eleventh Century Panel


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There were ten rulers during the century, eight prior to the Norman Conquest, so perhaps William the Conqueror brought a certain orderliness with him that we may not otherwise have achieved for many centuries

Kings who ruled

Ethelred II (The Unready)
reigned 978 - 1016

Swain (Falkbeard)
reigned 1014

Edmund II (Ironside)
reigned 1016 for seven months

reigned 1016 - 1035

Harold (Harefoot) reigned 1035 1040

Hardicanute reigned 1040 - 1042

Edward (the Confessor)
reigned 1042 - 1066

Harold II
reigned for nine months 1066

William (the Conquerer)reigned 1066 - 1087

William II (Rufus)
reigned 1087 - 1100



Sylvia's embroidery notes

The padded sun which opens the eleventh century panel was my first attempt at quilting leather. At this time I had not discovered leather needles so it was very rough on my fingers poking an ordinary needle through canvas, quilting, fixative and leather. Remember that there was only one chance at poking the needle through this great wodge of fabric - if I had not got it in the right place the sun would have come out sneering instead of smiling.

With only one exception, the central scene of each panel was worked directly onto the 12 count canvas, relying on a variety of stitches - usually tent stitch, but anything that helped me to depict exactly what I wanted to portray.

From Sylvia's photo album
Henry Sandon and Sylvia Everitt with the Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries
Antiques Roadshow guru Henry Sandon met Sylvia when she was displaying the Embroideries in September 1998 in Dudley Town Hall. The photograph shows Henry standing in front of the 16th century panel which was nearing completion at the time. Henry was delighted with Sylvia's imaginitive portrayal of Staffordshire's history and described the Embroidery panels as 'an antique of the future'. When he was preparing to leave, he suddenly turned back to Sylvia and said 'My dear, they're begging for a book' - author and public speaker Dianne Mannering was amongst the people who had been listening to Sylvia's talk about the history of Staffordshire illustrated with the as yet incomplete set of Embroidery panels and she heard Henry's remark, the rest, as they say, is history. Dianne's book Sylvia M Everitt's Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries was published in time for the unvieling of the Embroideries by James Hawley the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire at Burton Museum on 2nd January 2000.


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