The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

Created by Sylvia M Everitt MBE

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Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries 14th century panelThe opening motif
The reign of Edward III saw the start of the Hundred Years War with France and when the King and his nobles returned in triumph from Crecy and Calais a riund of celebratory festivities were held throughout the country.
These jubilations which became known as the 'round table tournaments' re-enacted the story of King Arthur's chivalrous deeds and occasionally ended with some seriously injured noblemen as the knights and even the King, jousted in front of splendidly bedecked courtiers and other privileged hangers on.
This 'round table' concept in which the King acvcepted the chivalrous equality of a select band of knights, was eventually formalised into the founding of the Order of the Knights of the Garter. Now read on.....

The above extract is from the book written by Dianne Mannering about the history of Staffordshire woven into Sylvia Everitt's embroideries. Click here to find out more about the book or to buy a signed copy




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