The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

Created by Sylvia M Everitt MBE

Fourteenth Century Panel

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Little is known of the deeds of Sir John Hanbury. His claim to fame lies not in his accomplishments in this life which ended in 1303 but in the material of his effigy in the church at Hanbury. Sir John, his legs crossed in the manner which usually denotes the callingof a Crusader, is beautifully crafted in alabaster - doubtless the work of a local carver. By the ebd of the century Hanbury and the surrounding area enjoyed a healthy industry in the supply of alabaster and when Edward III's son, John of Gaunt, required a tomb for his wife Blanche, he had two large blocks sent to London from his own Tutbury pits....... no read on

The above extract is from the book written by Dianne Mannering about the history of Staffordshire woven into Sylvia Everitt's embroideries. Click here to find out more about the book or to buy a signed copy



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