The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

Created by Sylvia M Everitt MBE

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Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries 14th century panel Okeover family crestWhen surnames became necessary the Okeovers of Okeover in Dovedale adopted the name of their manor. This family boasted a strong claim to a pre-conquest pedigree as records show that round about the turn of the eleventh century the monks of Burton Abbey granted the manor of Okeover to a tenant by the name of Orm. Now this Orm appears to have been the son of the previous tenant Eddulf and as both of these names are Saxon it would indicate that we have here a family who survived William the Conqueror's redistribution of the land. Orm was a direct ancestor of the Okeovers and really, the family owe their fame to nothing other than just quietly being there, century after century, passing their manor down through the male line right up until Haughton Ealdred Okeover's death in 1955. Now read on.....

The above extract is from the book written by Dianne Mannering about the history of Staffordshire woven into Sylvia Everitt's embroideries. Click here to find out more about the book or to buy a signed copy




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